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You DON'T Need Student Loans to Go to College

You DON'T Need Student Loans to Go to College
Each year millions of kids will graduate from High School and many look to try and get into college. Their parents have worried for years about how to pay for college. Saving for most families is nearly impossible. By most estimates, college costs have increased an average of 14% a year for the last 10 years. Parents stress levels are at an all time high. They know their kids' future could be at stake because of the money issue. Let's take a quick review of traditional options when it comes to paying for college.

Your Financing Options
When the Family Share of paying for COLLEGE Is More than You Can Afford
There are a variety of financing options available for families who are concerned about their ability to meet their family share of costs. These alternative sources of aid, most often in the form of loans, can help families cover financial aid gaps, or unmet need in a financial aid package.
Student Loans,
Federal Unsubsidized Loans,
Private Student Loans,
Parent Loans,
Federal PLUS Loans,
Federal Grad PLUS Loans,
Home Equity Loans
IRA Withdrawals,
Tuition Tax Credits
These are all most certainly options for being able to pay for the cost of college BUT...

All these options require at least one of a minimum of five things:
1. Borrowing money
2. Filling out mounds of paperwork
3. Affording the LOAN
4. Saving enough money for an IRA in the first place
5. Good Credit

I keep thinking to myself, all this constant worry, stress and pressure could have been easily prevented if families would have just had the information and knowledge of creating a home business to generate income to pay for college for their kids.
Here are several benefits of having a home business to pay for college;
1. Generate a monthly cash flow to save and pay for college.
2. Congress has passed laws giving Thousands of Dollars in Tax Deductions to average Americans who operate legitimate home-based businesses. Thereby creating additional savings.
3. The average American who runs even a part-time home-based business can now qualify for more Tax Advantages than any other category of taxpayer.
4. Pay less taxes than you do now. Don't have a home-based business? Then you are definitely paying way too much taxes. This alone will help most families save more than enough to pay for college.
5. The United States has TWO Tax Systems, and You Just Might be in the Wrong One!
6. Hire Your Family Members to Perform Business Services, and Watch Your Deductions SOAR!

There are all kinds of home businesses to get into. Many can help you generate monthly cash flow and potentially reduce income taxes you pay. However, there are many businesses out there that are scams and you have to do your homework on them to make sure they are legitimate.

One of the best methods to finding a home business is already at your fingertips. A hobby, or interest you have can easily be turned into a cash generating machine that would provide cash flow and keep many families from having to borrow money for college.

Student loans are expensive. Credit is tight. There are better ways. Look to starting a home business and open up a whole new world of opportunity for yourself and your family.
Source: PLR College Scholarhips


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